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Cold Callers Guild Welcome to the Cold Callers Guild

Old How to Create a Toontastic CCG Event

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Old 04-18-2020, 03:00 AM
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How to Create a Toontastic CCG Event

We love when our members host CCG events! Have an idea for one? PM one of us!

Princess Zuzu Rosepetals
Pulse of the Water Tribe

When starting to plan your first event you should include a brief explanation of your idea and a suggested date and time that works for you, we can help with the rest!

You only need to do a few things to host a toontastic event:
1. Personalize your own thread to advertise
2. Attend your event and keep a watchful eye out for any funny business
3. Have fun!

Below you can see an example including all the details your own thread should have. You can keep it simple or get creative with it, whatever floats your toontanic!

Spoiler for Example thread:
The Cold Callers Guild presents...

How to Host a CCG Event!

What is your event about? Do you have a joke to tell for it? You can start off with a quick introduction here. "Come to a CFO Minithon, Mata has jellybeans!"

Friday, April 17, 2020
_:__ PM CT

_:__ PM ET
_:__ PM MT
_:__ PM PT
_:__ PM GMT
_:__ PM BST

District: Will be added 30 minutes before your event. Remember to edit this section as well as make a new comment in your thread for visibility!

Add any other special details about your event you need to include. "Make sure to add Dizzy Doodle Dandy to your friends list for a doodle training party!"

Add a reminder of the
CCG guidelines and be ready to take charge in the face of any fishy business or to contact an ambassador.
Anyone is welcome at CCG events, they don't have to be a member to participate!

Some other things to note for your event:
-BST needs to be included as a timezone during March-October. For help with time zones, you can use timeanddate's time zone converter.
-Avoid scheduling conflicts with other events and normal scheduled runs of the same type. Minithons should pause 30 minutes before any scheduled run for the same boss and resume afterward.
-Bounceboro, Fizzlefield, and Kaboom Cliffs are the primary districts that other guilds use and they should be avoided for CCG events.

Last edited by Queen Petunia Gigglenugget; 06-20-2022 at 04:31 AM. Reason: Updated Ambassador List
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