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Welcome to MMO Central Forums!
Oct 18, 2013 - 2:54 AM - by Lady Freckles

Hi everyone - welcome to MMO Central Forums.

We have been working our fingers to the bones, moving threads, making new forums, adding new skins, sorting icons and avatars and smilies and so, so many other things.

As you will notice, the site looks a little different in some areas. Some forums have been retired, some have moved to a new place, some have been renamed and I think you'll find a few new ones too.

You'll find all the usual forums under Site Content - News, Contests, Site Feedback, Arcade and others.

Under Game Forums, you'll find areas for discussing your favorite E and T rated games, forums for Wizard101, Minecraft, LOTRO, and others. Console games have a home too. Memory Lane will be a special place for many of you, where you can reminisce and discuss your favorite Disney game.

I'm sure there's other things, but it will be more fun for you to browse around and check out the changes. Be sure to read the Known Issues post below this one.

We hope everyone enjoys our new home - we are happy to welcome you all back. Please let us know if you find any little bugs or glitches that might need tweaking or if you have any questions.
90 Replies | 35,798 Views
Join Toontown's New Game Design Team!
Feb 16, 2020 - 1:56 AM - by Queen Petunia Gigglenugget
Join Toontown's New Game Design Team!

Posted by The Toontown Team on February 15, 2020 at 3:30 PM

Hello again, Toontown! My name is Joey, though you may better know me by my wacky character from the Toontown Blog: Sir Max. Some of you may have heard that after 6½ years of running the Public Relations Team here at Toontown Rewritten, I've passed that torch into great gloves, and will be shifting my focus to full-time Creative Direction.

This post is to tell you a little bit more about what that means for Toontown, and to introduce a brand new department of our team that needs YOUR help: The Game Design Team!

Click the image to view the full version

What is Game Design?

Game Design, in essence, focuses on designing the content and rules of a game. Game Designers work alongside artists, programmers, sound designers, and other team members to create a unified vision for how all of these things come together to make a game fun.

Who are the people that decided how much damage a Toontanic deals? Or mapped out the way that ToonTasks work? Or created the rules for... [Read More]
0 Replies | 51 Views
The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 148
Feb 14, 2020 - 7:30 PM - by Batleth

Community Spotlights

In the Boston area on February 28th? Click here for details about a community meetup!

Light the Beacons has returned! Click here for Episode 101 of this classic LOTRO podcast.

The rock band Polnolunie presents a special concert as a gift for all the peoples of Middle-earth on February 15th! Click here to find out more!

Mirage on Anor recently recorded a run of their Tier 2 Challenge run of Tower of Orthanc! Click here for the video.

The Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band kicks off their Winter Classical concert series this weekend on Laurelin! Click here for event... [Read More]
0 Replies | 24 Views
The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 147
Feb 07, 2020 - 9:42 PM - by Batleth

Community Spotlights

Songs From Another Age hits the stage on Sunday! Click here for more information.

LOTRO Vidz has remastered the original Shadows of Angmar cinematic in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second! Click here to check it out.

Forandril gets psychedelic on Sundays in front of the Prancing Pony! Click here to learn about this weekly solo performance!

Join the dwarf-folk of Durin's Faust of the Just and the elves of Iflirin Gwaith for a masked ball on Belegaer on February 15th! Find it starting at 2pm Eastern in the Camp of the Buried Treasured in the Ered Luin!

Also on Belegaer, the Elbensippe Randir va Arda is inviting players interested in Elven role play to join them! Click here for more information about this German-language... [Read More]
0 Replies | 38 Views
The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 146
Jan 31, 2020 - 8:04 PM - by Batleth

Community Spotlights

The creator of the Beneath Your Feet podcast has uploaded the archive of the classic LOTRO podcast to Anchor! Click here to check it out.

The LOTRO Companion has been updated to version 12! This player-created plugin offers a wealth of information and data, and you can learn more about it here!

Giseldah has created a browser version of a LOTRO Ratings Calculator! Click here to learn more.

The Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band is kicking off a new classical music seres in the coming weeks! Click here for the schedule.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email ... [Read More]
0 Replies | 51 Views
“TOON” In to Our First ToonCast!
Jan 25, 2020 - 8:08 PM - by Gigi
“TOON” In to Our First ToonCast!

Posted by The Toontown Team on January 25, 2020 at 11:00 AM

You may have heard of ToonTasks, but have you ever heard of ToonCasts? Of course you haven't -- it's a brand new event being held by The Toontown Team!

During the Main Event of ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019, we announced that we were working on setting up Development Livestreams to create an opportunity for YOU to see some of the exciting things that we're working on behind the scenes of Toontown Rewritten. We've decided to call these events "ToonCasts," and for the first one we'll be giving you an exclusive look at some of the progress we've made on Sellbot Field Offices!

As promised at ToonFest, we're airing this first stream before the season of fall is over... What do you mean it's January? How long was I asleep after Thanksgiving dinner?!

So, it turns out we missed our fall deadline, and we're very sorry for any disappointment. Moving forward, we're hoping to host ToonCasts every couple of months throughout the year to keep you up "Toon" date on the latest happenings on The Toontown Team.
... [Read More]
0 Replies | 114 Views
The Revenge of the Skelecogs
Jan 17, 2020 - 10:49 PM - by Gigi
The Revenge of the Skelecogs

Posted by The Skelecogs on January 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Good afternoon once again, Toons. To say that upper management has been distraught with current Cog performance would be an understatement. No thanks to all of you, our plan to phase out Cog Suits went abysmally. We've heard no end of it over the water cooler, I can promise you. Not only that, but less than a month ago, you Toons defeated over half a million Cogs! So many hardworking individuals, working towards a future of greed and profit, defeated by a measly Foghorn.

Thousands of Cogs are seeing pay cuts thanks to the losses, and we're not happy about it. The Sellbot Factory is even struggling to keep up with the demand for new Cogs. Our timetables for future growth have even been re-shuffled. However, we've come up with a proposal to "suit" all of these newfound needs. We've made the executive decision to reduce Cog Suit output, allowing the factory to work overtime in replenishing our ranks. To celebrate the occasion, we're sending out yet... [Read More]
0 Replies | 101 Views
New Year's Resolutions 2020
Jan 12, 2020 - 8:22 PM - by Gigi

It's the start of a new year! And with a new year, comes a new you!

Many use this time of the year to make plans and goals for the rest of it, so we're wondering...

Do you have any game related goals, such as maxing a character, beating a certain boss or dungeon, or completing your Pokédex?

Or do you have any personal goals, such as learning a new skill, changing a habit, or achieving something?

... [Read More]
16 Replies | 461 Views
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