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Old Toontown Fangame: Flippy's Adventure

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Old 12-20-2014, 09:33 PM
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Toontown Fangame: Flippy's Adventure

One thing I've been thinking about since the Elections is making a Toontown Movie. The idea wen't through many phases, but I decided to scrap it... So I could make it a game. Yeah that's right, I'm making a Toontown Fangame, and I will NOT make it an RPG. Its a Plattformer.

This is a testing level. Real graphics are not yet produced.

However, this is not something I can do alone. I am going to need some people to fill in some parts. We need Artists, Composers, and much, much, much more. If you want to apply, PM me an App. Below are the positions available, and the Application form.

Positions Needed:
Co-Leader(I will pick this one after we start)
Artists(2 or 3)
Composers(1 or 2, I may ask someone from TTR to help.)
Playtesters(Up to 6 is good for me)
Fan-Communication(These guys will not develop or test anything, but they will keep in touch with you guy's while the rest of us are busy.)

Staff App:
Position Applying For:
Reason To Join The Team:
Any Past Developing Experience?:
Other Info:

Whew, thats a big one. I know this is a massive undertaking, and we will have ups and downs, but I promise, I will try to make this dream a reality.

The Red Boxes represent a cogs movement patterns.

On one last note, I want to make sure to tell you something very important. This is not supposed to replace TTR, rather, It will be a supplement to it, something on the side.

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