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Old Idea for a game - toonjoey DLC edition

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Old 04-21-2017, 12:12 AM
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CogSign Idea for a game - toonjoey DLC edition

So back in 2015, I started thinking about a fan reboot idea for Toontown that asks the question "what happened when the game closed?".

It would take the gameplay and artstyle of Toontown, have music from other games, and be a platformer with a multitude of combat options.

It would be a darker, more Epic Mickey-ish take on the genre, with dark atmospheres (sometimes literally).

It would follow the adventures of one Toon (literally a carbon copy of my Toon that I use in TTR but more like Patrick Star) trying to find out what happened to Toontown as it closed down. He would also stop the Cogs (or try to), as they would have a catch applied to them...in the form of one of them...

I'm gonna stop the concept here because I'm gonna work on an (incredibly rough) attempt at a trailer.

EDIT:Here's a very rough draft for an animated series based on the game I wanna make (or have a part of).

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