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Old My First MMO - Ruff RuffMan's Momental Minigolf

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Old 03-07-2021, 11:25 PM
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Icon10 My First MMO - Ruff RuffMan's Momental Minigolf

Man, this was fun as a young boy, playing golf with other people.... live! I played nothing like it before. So if you never played it here how it works. You start at the office of Ruff RuffMan, who tells you what to do and gives you your first key item, a golf club and a putter, then he teleports you to Blossom T. Cat, where she will give you your first task which is to make a friend... yeah, nowadays this is pretty hard to do because there is nobody playing this buggy mess, but I was able to get my dad playing and he cleared that for me, then you can play some golf, but to unlock other clubs and areas, you have to do tasks for some NPCs and Ruff, who will become your caddies after you reach a certain level with them. It was fun back then, but now its not.

So what do you think of this?
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