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Old 09-21-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ocean Breeze View Post
There Is also Another One In Which They Sell Toontown To Someone Who Actually Wants To Buy It
Jesse Schell never said he wanted to buy the game. That is a rumor; however, since the rumor got started, Jesse did say that he would "look into" whatever legal issues would be involved in buying it. That doesn't mean he ever will or that Disney would ever have any intention of selling the game in the first, second or third place.

I did hear that Disney offered ToonTown and the other games to EA Games, which happens to operate Star Wars Online (another franchise Disney now owns); they were not interested at that time. I also heard there were other companies interested in buying TT. Both of these could just be rumor. I don't know. I do know that the company is greedier than ever before since Walt's daughter retired years ago (Just like the Walton family has taken their father's idea and twisted it to enrich themselves and virtually enslave their employees--many of which are on food stamps and medicaid while they work full time). That greed could work one of 2 ways. Either they will hold tight to the entire copy right of the idea of TT. Or they will sell the basic game play model minus the Disney characters, street names, shop keepers, etc. If they did sell, it would only be a highly successful company with a lot of assets and money that would be able to afford to buy it.

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