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Toontown Reinvigorated: Refreshing the look of Toontown

DISCLAIMER: All assets within these links are from Toontown Online, International Toontown Online Servers, Toontown 2.0, and Toontown Rewritten. No custom assets are used here, what so ever.



As of the time i'm writing this, 6/12/2020, the pack will soon have a majority of its textures replaced. Very recently, textures in their original source quality have been released, basically outclassing my upscales in all ways. As a result, the majority of the pack will switch to those textures, once a team, lead by Poppy Cheezycorn, is able to properly palletize the assets, for use ingame. Some upscales will still stay, however, since the assets go to around early 2010, meaning stuff like Field Offices, Accessories, Some Shirts and Shorts, and Party Stuff Added Later On, will still rely on the upscales I have created. Anyhow, onto the main post.


Hello everyone!

Today, I present a personal project of mine, known as Toontown Reinvigorated 2.00!

Toontown Reinvigorated 2.00 is a pack that upscales nearly every Toontown Online, and Toontown Rewritten asset, to 4 times their original size, providing much greater quality to textures, compared to what's in the original Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten game.

I should note, that TTR currently has a cap to downscale textures to 512 x 512 (which is normally downscaling to 1024 x 1024, but due to crashing issues with Intel users, a temp fix was made to downscale assets further, while an actual fix is being looked into.), meaning the pack's effect is currently not as good as it could be. Regardless, the pack should still do a good job with cleaning up the general look of the game.

Alongside textures, music has also gotten an upgrade, with the music sounding overall higher quality than what's normally heard in Toontown Online, and Rewritten. Utilizing tracks from James T. Sale, with the rest of the tracks recorded on the JV-2080, which is the same synth that he used to create his tracks.

If you miss the old music used for the pack, you can still get it from here:


Anyhow, with all the hullabaloo out of the way, you can download the pack here:

And one more thing. I am offering what I dub, the Reinvigorated Toolkit. This contains uncompressed music assets, upscales, and other useful files that anyone is allowed to use for their projects, so long as I am credited. You can get it here:

Since I don't want to update the entire archive, here is the new cobblestone. See EDIT 6 for more info:


This was not a solo effort, and was able to all come together, thanks to these great people:

TheWilliam, for creating the different colored Cobblestone varients. He nailed the color down pretty well.

Toontown 2.0 for being the source for some assets, before we got the official resources.

The person who released the source assets

The entire Game Upscale Discord, for all of the usertrained models for ESRGAN, used to upscale the textures.

Blue Horizon, for recording music on his Roland JV-2080.

Loonatic, for getting my COG upscales into palletes.

A certain Dog and Bear for playtesting the pack, assisting in the pack's development, and helping find high quality textures in various international clients, from before we got the official resources in source quality. (If either of you are happening to read this, color me surprised.)

And all of you who have stuck by this pack during all of this time.


Anyhow, that's all I have to say here. Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Fixed the DL Links, and added toolkit link.

EDIT 2: Removed 2 troublesome files from Phase 4. Please redownload when you can!

EDIT 3: Well aware of some missing stuff, and the download link will be updated to address this soon enough.

EDIT 4: Updated the pack, and fatal rgb's to include missing stuff. Also added an addon to the toolkit.

EDIT 5: Combined the best RGB's from both the RGB set's I created, so now there is only one RGB set.

All assets are now in one phase file, except for the optional street battle theme.

Music upgraded to the JV-2080 Recordings.

EDIT 6: HD Cobblestone Textures from Toontown 2.0 are now implemented. (Shoutouts to my friend, TheWilliam, for the different colored ones!)

Misc texture updates

EDIT 7: Removed 1.0 links

Implemented new HD COG textures, which are sourced from the original assets, cleaned up, and upscaled by me, with palletization for certain assets, being done by Loonatic

Map has been updated to an HD version

Edited the post to explain my plans for the pack, going further

Added credits

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