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Toontown Rewritten Staff Livestream

Hello everybody! So some of you may or may not know but last night there was a huge livestream featuring many staff members including Joey, Harv, Hawkfrost, Slate, Boo Boo, Roger Dog, and so so many more! The stream was hosted by one of the members of in game while the staff did a Q and A session via calling. While the Q and A went on many of the staff members were online doing various boss runs. While I do have to say the gathering was legendary and the lag was real, today I want to post some of the answers from that session on here even though they are on some other websites already. So ready for the giant list? Here we go!

Q: @TheMcMuffin asks: Has the panel from OMGCON been decided yet and who will be on it?
A: Joey: We have been working on OMGCON. We've been working and we will likely have more than two panels this year.

Q: @MaxSupertoon asks: We have not heard of Flippy's Doodle Fluffy. Where has he gone?
A: Joey: Flippy is always looking for Fluffy in the Toonfest Area.

Q: What are your favorite gags?
A: There are lots of gags that the entire TTR staff find their favorite. Sorry, can't answer that one

Q: @RickyGarcia asks: Are you going to do something with the Executive Office?
A: Joey: The executive office has been under investigation by the Toon Resistance. It's a big investigation.

Q: Are you going to make challenging content in Toontown Rewritten?
A: TTR: Yes, we have some content that we have planned -- especially with the executive office. Stuff like CEO and especially later content for Toontown Rewritten in the future. We're always thinking of ideas.

Q: Are there any plans to introduce any new accessories?
A: TTR: We will be having the redeemable codes that we did last year for accessories.

Q: When will Storm Lawbot/Cashbot/Bossbot be?
A: Joey: We might have Storm Events for each headquarters in the future.

Q: When will beta end? Why is it still in beta?
A: TTR: We classify TTR in beta due to that we don't have all the original features from TTO and server stability is an issue as well.

Q: Do you plan on releasing Toontown Retextured?
A: TTR: We plan to have more frequent sneak peaks for Retextured. However, for the release it's SoonTM

Q: Will there be an appear offline feature?
A: TTR: This has been proposed a few times. It may or may not be in the Toontown tweaks update.

Q: Are Field Offices coming anytime soon?
A: TTR: Field Offices are being worked on right now. We're holding them back because we don't like how they were in Toontown Online, so we're working on fixing them to make them better.

Q: Will a third TNT be added?
A: TTR: I doubt we'll be changing it anytime soon. We wanted to follow Disney on how they setup gags.

Q: What is under the cloud on the map?
A: TTR: It's not a cog headquarters. It is a toon themed area with toontasks.

Q: Are true friends coming anytime soon?
A: Harv: With the next tweaks update, we want to implement the feature where you press 'ALT' and you will send a message to everyone near you. I don't know if we'll implement true friends anytime soon or ever.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as an artist?
A: Artists: Retextured and New Content

Q: Are there any plans for more trolley games?
A: TTR: There are plans, but nothing guaranteed.

Q: Are parties coming soon?
A: TTR: Parties are coming, but they have some work to be finished

Q: Will there be any new species / gag tracks?
A: TTR: Classified ()

Q: What's next for TTR?
A: TTR: We're focusing on the tweaks update then after that, the remaining features. We do have plans, classified though.

Q: Will there be a fisherman at the estate?
A: TTR: We're working on something similar to that, but we're just working out the details right now. PossibilityTM

Q: What's the word on Doodles?
A: TTR: We're semi-actively working on Doodles. We're trying to figure out ways to make them work with our servers. SoonTM

Q: Will there ever be ways to practice craning outside of the CFO?
A: TTR: It's something we'd like to consider. Good question.

Q: Two Story Houses?
A: TTR: Estates are something we'd like to explore. Estates we have ideas for, but we have other things to work on first.

Q: Will there be species rewrites?
A: TTR: We don't want people to completely rewrite their toons identity. We want you to be identified by your toons appearance. (And there goes all of my theories on how this would be revealed )

Q: Will all of the missing content from TTO be added before executive office?
A: TTR: Most likely yes. Our developers are implementing the existing features right now while artists are working on new content.

Q: Will there ever be an expansion of the original soundtrack?
A: TTR: Yes, that will be part of our tweaks update.

Q: Are translations coming out?
A: TTR: We're still thinking about how to implement it. We're working on French translations right now. It just matters how to get the other languages implemented into the game

Q: @Super DogFoot asks: Will there be any news on Slappy?
A: TTR: There is a search for Slappy via Lord Lowden, but we will find him one day.

Q: Will you ever have white cats?
A: TTR: We don't really have any plans for it.

Q: Will you guys increase building difficulty?
A: TTR: It's not out of the question that there will be increased difficulty.

Q: How many toons are in Toontown now? (registered)
A: TTR: We have over 800,000 accounts registered.

Q: Are members of the TTR staff having time to play the game?
A: TTR: It depends on each staff member.

Q: Can we ever change gag tracks?
A: TTR: Unlikely. (Looks like I am lureless for life)

Q: Could a chatbox / chat log be added into the game?
A: TTR: We had it as an idea, but it got rejected. It's still in debate on our team, but not very likely.

Q: Have you heard anything from Disney?
A: TTR: Disney themselves have not reached out to us. But we talk to some people like Jesse Schell indirectly.

Q: Are there gonna be any new name fonts?
A: TTR: We have ideas, but nothing confirmed at the moment.

Q: Will there ever be estate music?
A: TTR: Our composer thinks its special that there isn't any music at the estates, for quietness. It's still up to debate.

Q: @MaxSupertoon asks: Will there be a livestream for OMGCON?
A: TTR: We're still kind of brainstorming what we will do, but keep your eyes peeled. We hope to do something special. (BBQHQ.... BBQHQ... BBQHQ...)

Q: Will you have multiple toon effects on a single toon?
A: TTR: It's up to debate, but there's lots of things that go through discussion first.

Q: Has it been the idea to share beans?
A: TTR: Unlikely, gifting is as best as it gets.

Q: Will other unreleased emotes be released to the public?
A: TTR: We do want to add more emotions, but we'll probably redo them like the 'taunt' emotion.

Q: If you guys had the ability to own the rights of Toontown, would you do it?
A: TTR: Yes, if we were able to do that, we would. If Disney revives Toontown again, we'll be asking to apply towards the game.

Q: Will the new playground give you the 7th gag track?
A: TTR: I don't think we want to add an 8th gag track or have you able to get your 7th. (But marshmallow track is still a possibility!)

Q: When will the site be up?
A: TTR: SoonTM

Q: How do you come up with the Toontown storyline?
A: Joey: It just came out from my head canon. I've always had ideas. It's really fun to work on the blog posts and the storyline. I hope you guys enjoy the way the story goes.

(Credit to Reuels for tracking these answers. Anything in parenthesis are my comments).

While most of the answers were SoonTM and PossiblityTM, there is one staff reaction not mentioned on here but I find VERY interesting. It was my final question that was "What is your opinion on the idea of Toon-Cogs? As if such a thing exist." While most of the staff were extremely shocked and kept muttering "Spooky" there was some discussion on how these beings would look like. A Toon with a Cog head? Not so convincing. But we do have our Cog Disguises that are currently being improved after the events of Storm Sellbot. Although Joey did say one interesting thing. "Would they be like Toons that turned to the other side?" Let me repeat that.... Toons that turned to the Cog side. Oddly specific quote out of Joey. Its a Conspiracy!

Well thank you to whoever took the time to read this gigantic post, but I just had to share this. Question now is.... What do you guys think?
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