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Golf Balls and Glue

If you’ve ever tried to play golf on Toontown Rewritten, you may be aware that the golf balls are currently refusing to move. These stubborn golf balls have been thought to be defying physics and not moving, despite being hit by the club. However, it turns out that it’s not actually the fault of the golf balls—they’re being glued to the ground. Yes, you read that right. Somehow, the golf balls are being glued to the ground. We took a sample of the substance used to make them stick, and it was blue glue. One of our best investigators set out and searched for a clue to see who is ruining the fun of the golf course.

The detective and I searched many silly dancing trash cans for clues. There were no clues to be found… except for inside the trash can outside of Sticky Lou’s shop! It took a while to get the trash can to open up and give us the clue... however, when it finally spat it out, we were shocked—it was a receipt for over 20 gallons of glue! The receipt had a messy signature at the bottom that we had to carefully read in order to see who it was. When we finally were able to read it, we all gasped in horror. It was Sir Max.

We went to find Sir Max, but upon knocking at his house door, someone different answered. It was a female cow wearing a blonde wig and glasses. She told us:
"I'm Clarabelle, dears. I just moved into this house yesterday! The owner seemed in a rush to sell it, so they sold it to me at a bargain price. I'd know all about bargains, because I run a cattlelog service..."
After we finally got her to be quiet, we left to try and find Sir Max.

The next obvious place was the golf range. There we found Sir Max, Goshi, and Shockley playing golf. But get this: they were playing golf just fine. Their golf balls didn't stick to the ground like ours did. We shouted to get his attention. He came over to us, and we immediately started telling him he was in big trouble. When we told him the reason why, his eyes widened.
"What are you talking about? I bought that glue to repair all of the broken signs around town. Haven't you seen? All of the letters fell off!" he said.
"Why were only the golf balls of the non-staff sticking to the grass, then?" we asked. We weren't going to believe his lies.
"I keep the staff golf balls separate," he began. We gave him a look of suspicion. "No, no!" he began, "It's not that. See, I give the staff the lower quality golf balls so that the community will be happy. That's why I keep them separated."

That still hadn't solved the mystery of the glued golf balls. We set up a hidden camera in the room where the golf balls were stored. After discovering more golf balls that were coated in glue, we viewed the footage to discover the culprit. We weren't surprised when we found out the golf balls were doing it themselves. They bounced out of their bin and into the buckets of glue. It was decided, then, that we needed to separate the buckets of glue.

Once we finish moving these buckets of glue, we'll finally be able to play golf! See you when we're done!