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Hunter the Great 04-16-2020 09:30 PM

Get to Know MCF Members
I remember enjoying this game when it was titled "Get to Know TTC Members" back in 2013, so I thought we could give it a try now!

The game is simple: answer the question about yourself asked by the forum member above you, and then propose another question for the next person to answer. Here's an example of a reply if the person above asked "what's your favorite color?":

"I like red!

What's your favorite food?"

I'll start off: What's your favorite book?

Lady Flappy McPhooey 04-16-2020 10:14 PM

I'll play :)
My favorite book is a series actually: The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

What is your favorite food?

SourKraut 04-17-2020 12:03 AM

My favorite food honestly is lamb, sadly I rarely get to eat it. Not every 'good' food needs to be treated like fastfood IMO.

What's your favorite movie?

Master Chipper 04-17-2020 03:40 AM

Oh, that's a tough one... Probably Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), going off the top of my head.

If you could learn another language, what would it be?

DragonSong 04-17-2020 04:18 AM


What's your favorite videogame?

Rocky624 04-17-2020 05:45 AM

My favorite game is a tie between TERA (rpg) and Paladins (a hero shooter).

Favorite food cuisine? (Italian, Mexican, American, etc.)

Princess Zuzu Rosepetals 04-17-2020 07:48 AM

I love Korean! My boyfriend and I would go to this Korean BBQ restaurant and I would always get the bul-go-gi, that was my go to.

What's your favorite musical genre?

SourKraut 04-17-2020 05:51 PM

Not an easy choice, but I'd say post-rock.

What's your favorite video game character?

Hunter the Great 04-17-2020 08:16 PM

Shovel Knight!

What’s your favorite month of the year?

Princess Zuzu Rosepetals 04-17-2020 09:00 PM

I'd say my favorite month of the year is April. Probably biased on that because it's my birthday month, but also because it just feels like the kind of month where it's slowly springtime turning into summer.

What's your favorite holiday?

SourKraut 04-18-2020 03:50 PM


What's your favorite drink?

Lady Flappy McPhooey 04-18-2020 07:44 PM

My favorite beverage is coffee :mornin:
What is or was your favorite cartoon?

toontowndude 04-18-2020 08:11 PM

Phineas and Ferb!

If you could choose any country in the world to visit, where would you go?

Princess Zuzu Rosepetals 04-18-2020 08:33 PM

Norway, without a doubt! It's my heritage home country, and I would die to go visit!

What are you currently binge-watching, if anything? Any streaming platform :P

Funkykong65 04-18-2020 08:35 PM

star vs. the forces of evil!

what is your utopia (i.e. ideal place)?

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