Welcome to the Cold Callers Guild

What is the CCG?

The CCG is a group of people who attend boss battles within the game ToonTown without the elevator shuffle. The Cold Callers Guild started in February 2004 by ToonTown player AJ the Blue Horse with the simple idea to start a group that would never shuffle off the elevator to the Sellbot VP, regardless of who was on it. There was one rule and one rule only: No Shuffling!

Over the years, we have grown and have added a few guidelines to meet the needs of all our members but that one rule will always remain.

CCG: Pack on & Stay on!

ToonTown Rewritten & Wizard101

With the closing of Disney's ToonTown Online in September 2013, the CCG turned to other online games to keep activity within the group alive. More than a few games were played but a lot of people took to KingsIsle's Wizard101. With the emergence of ToonTown Rewritten (a community revival of Disney's retired MMO), fresh air was breathed into the CCG. Currently the Cold Callers Guild looks to both TTR and W101 for ongoing player activity.

How do I become a member?

While anyone may attend our runs, becoming an official member of the CCG is more rewarding and can lead to new friendships. First you must be a member at MMOCentralForums.com and have joined the CCG usergroup. Then you can register here and set up a profile with your toon's information! Be sure to join the discussions at our official forum as well!